Bioinformatics Recruitment and Consulting

Bioinformatics - Computational Biology - Health Informatics - Data Science


For Clients (Organizations)

  • I specialize in recruiting for bioinformatics and related specialties (it's all I do)
  • I handle as little or as much of the candidate search as you want (job descriptions, posting to job boards, candidate sourcing, phone screening, etc.)
  • I have an existing network of qualified candidates that you can hire now
  • I save your organization money by quickly filling vacant positions
  • Pay only when a successful hire makes it through a probationary period

For Candidates (Job Seekers)

  • Free career advice
  • I will help you improve your resume and cover letter
  • I do the job hunting for you
  • I will find the best match for your skillset
  • I place all experience levels
  • No cost to you (companies pay me to match you with them)
  • Get access to jobs that are not advertised on the internet
  • I have an existing network of industry, academia, and government contacts


I am a freelance bioinformatics recruiter and consultant with over 10 years of experience in research.

Don't need a recruiter just yet? I give bioinformatics career advice on my blog Bioinformatics Career Guide.


(response is usually the same business day)